Jobs in TB Control Program PTP Sindh

If your passion is medical and are searching for Government Jobs, then here we are. Jobs in TB Control Program PTP Sindh are available for you right now. Let’s find out what kind of positions are vacant at the moment. The TB Control Program PTP Sindh, Government of Sindh is looking to hire the following medical staff for which applications are required from the eligible candidates. The vacancies are as follows.

1- Senior Provincial Program Officer, 2- District TB Officer, 3- Provincial DR TB Coordinator. 4- MDR TB Coordinator Physician, 5- Admin/HR Officer, 6- Lab Technologist, 7- Finance Assistant. 8- Gene Expert Technician. 9- Microbiologist, Molecular Biologist, 10- Community Support Officer, 11- Treatment Coordinators/Flood Response. 12- DR TB Facilitator, 13- Screener, 14- Field Officer, 15- Counselor. 16- Counselor/Psychologist, 17- DT TB Program Assistant, 18- Pharmacist. 19- Nursing Assistant, 20- Lab Assistant.

How to apply? Just follow the process mentioned in the job advertisement below. You can submit your testimonials before the closing date of 18 January 2023. Check out the job ad for further details.



Jobs in TB Control Program PTP Sindh

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