Govt Teaching Jobs in NUML Islamabad

If you are searching for jobs related to NUML then here we are. Let’s have a look. Govt Teaching Jobs in NUML Islamabad are vacant here right now. Follow the post for further details. The National University of Modern Languages NUML Islamabad invites applications from the eligible candidates for the following teaching and education jobs. 1- Lecturer (Punjabi, Balochi, Pashto, Brahui).

The Interested candidates can submit their CVs at the following address as mentioned in the job ad below. Remember! Your Applications must reach out before the closing date of 23 February 2023. Look at the job pic below for more details.



Govt Teaching Jobs in NUML Islamabad

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  1. i need a job Add me to the group where job vacancy information is given so that i can also apply and get what i want

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