SPSC Jobs Opportunities

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There is another latest job update for you related to SPSC. SPSC Jobs Opportunities are available here at the moment. Follow the post for more information. The Sindh Public Service Commission SPSC invites applications from the eligible candidates in order to fill out the following health and medical jobs/vacancies.

A- Khairpur Medical College under Health Department. 1- Professor (Basic Medical Science), 2- Professor (Clinical Science), 3- Associate Professor (Basic Medical Science), 4- Assistant Professor (Basic Medical Science), 5- Assistant Professor (Clinical Science). 6- Senior Registrar of Ophthalmology, 7- Senior Registrar of Anesthesia, 8- Senior Registrar of Neuro Pulmonology, 9- Senior Registrar of Medicine. 10- Senior Registrar of Neurosurgery, 11- Senior Registrar of Neurology, 12- Senior Registrar of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 13- Senior Registrar of ENT, 14- Senior Registrar of Surgery, 15- Lecturers (Basic Medical Science), 16- Lab Lecturers, 17- Psychiatrist.

How to apply? You can apply simply by following the terms and conditions of SPSC. All the details about qualification and eligibility criteria is provided in the job pic below. Your complete applications must reach out before the expected closing date of 15 February 2023.



SPSC Jobs Opportunities

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