Vacancies in Prison Department Punjab

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There are more jobs in Prison Department for you. Keep visiting JobsCorner.PK. Here we are. Vacancies in Prison Department Punjab are available right now. Let’s find out what nature of positions are vacant here. The Prison Department Punjab is looking to fill out the vacant positions for its Multan region. Applications are required from the eligible candidates to fill out the following vacancies. 1- Plumber, 2- Cart Man, 3- Garden Cooli. 4- Flower Mali, 5- Gardener, 6- Sanitary Worker, 7- Sweeper.

Are you interested to apply? If yes then submit your CVs by following the rules and regulations as mentioned in the job ad below. Remember! You can apply before the closing date of 04 February 2023. Look at the job advertisement below for further details.



Vacancies in Prison Department Punjab

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