Staff Required in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

If you are searching for medical health jobs, then there is a good news for you at the moment. Staff Required in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital right now. Let’s have a look. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore, Government of Punjab invites applications from the eligible candidates to fill out the following vacant positions.

Vacancies are as follows. 1- Junior Technician (Anesthesia), 2- Junior Technician (Anesthesia Assistant), 3- Junior Technician (Radiography and Imaging/CT Scan). 4- Junior Technician Radiography and Imaging/Radiographer, 5- Junior Technician Radiography and Imaging/X-Ray Assistant, 6- Junior Technician Cardiology Technician (ECG Technician). 7- Junior Technician Physiotherapy, 8- Junior Technician Pathology (Lab Assistant), 9- Junior Technician Pathology (Lab Technician).

10- Junior Technician Pharmacy Dress, 11- Junior Technician Pharmacy/Dispenser, 12- Junior Technician Surgical Technology Operation Theater Assistant. 13- Junior Technician Surgical Technology Operation Theater Technician. 14- Junior Technician Surgical Technology Sterilizer Operator, 15- Workshop Technician, 16- Senior Medicine, 17- Typist.

The interested candidates can apply by following the process which is given in the job advertisement below. The important thing which you have to keep in mind is the deadline date to apply that is 28 January 2023. For further details, read out the job ad below.



Staff Required in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

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